When the Serpent Flies


Check out their Thursday night gigs at Miller's in Charlottesville,VA

ENTER music from new recording of “Word From the Underground” with Tim Reynolds from an EP-in-progress of several tunes featuring guest guitarists.

For the last year or more Dawn has not appeared with the band.   She was diagnosed with cancer a year ago last August and has been undergoing treatment.  She returned to performing on New Year's Eve.  The band is thrilled to see her singing again.    Dawn and John are hopeful about her continued improvement.  Her medical team at UVA is the best!  She has been writing and studying during this time, going inside to deal with these developments.  Dawn and John both want to thank all the many people who have supported and helped them during Dawn's illness.  They are especially grateful to the musicians who have kept the band alive, instrumentally, in Dawn's absence.

John recently recorded “Is you Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?” and sang(!) with Bruce Hornsby, for a new Robin Williams movie, “World's Greatest Dad.”

John received a new commission for a piece for the Kandinsky Trio featuring soprano Nancy McDuffie and beat-box artist Shodakeh.

Check out the new Brian Jones CD featuring John and J.C. with Randall Phaar in a chordless jazz quartet: REDHEAD



When the Serpent Flies - The Washington Post
---Mike Joyce
...D'earth and Kuhl make for a strong frontline, brash and soulful by turns, while Milner's tone-shifting guitar adds atmospheric touches, funk accents, and blues lyricism.  Add (Dawn) Thompson's seductive vocals and curious musings, and you have an album that swiftly stands apart from the competition.


The Thompson D'earth Band is becoming known for its
rare combination of exploratory improv, evocative songwriting, and riveting instrumentals. The music is full of
mystery and surprise. Trumpeter/composer John D'earth and vocalist/songwriter Dawn Thompson have been refining their blend of high-intensity jazz improvisiation and hypnotic lyrics over the course of three CDs. Their last CD, Mercury, featured drummer Carter Beauford, symphonic arrangements by D'earth, and a vocal duet between Dawn and Dave Matthews. Their latest, When the Serpent Flies (Cosmology Records), demonstrates what fans experience as the explosive spontaneity of their live gigs.

Trumpeter/composer John D'earth has toured with Bruce Hornsby, recorded with Miles Davis/Quincy Jones and written music for Dave Matthews, the Kronos String Quartet, moe. (Sony Records) and assorted symphony orchestras. The Thompson D'earth Band has brought its unique sound to venues like the Bakersfield Jazz Festival, Chateau Morrissette Music Festival, Starr Hill Music Hall in Charlottesville, VA, Blues Alley in Washington D.C. and the Flint Michigan Jazz Festival, among many others. Explore this web-site for info about their new CD, When the Serpent Flies, their live gigs and their musical journey


Dawn Thompson - Vocals
John D'earth -Trumpet
J.C. Kuhl - Saxophone
Daniel Clarke/Wells Hanley - Piano/Keyboards
Jamal Millner/Sam Wilson - Guitar
Pete Spaar - Upright Bass
Brian Caputo - Drums/Percussion